baby cute



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

On a side note, I decided to give up the square format of previous comics and have completely lost control. I’m thinking limitations are good.

unexpected treat



Some clues to where I’ve been lately – and why there may currently be an ice cream shortage in Tennessee.

balance bike

balance-bikeJust to show I am still working on something, here’s an animated gif I made today in-between visiting the doctor and grocery shopping (and hacking and coughing.)

James is now three, and has something called a Y-Bike, a bike that uses only his balance to keep him up. James has found that starting at the very top of the hill, kicking off hard, pinning his legs back  and using only gravity and wit, he can reach speeds previously unimaginable for a preschooler.

I did most of this in flash, thanks to a tutorial here. While I’ve been familiar with the Flash interface for some time, I’ve been wanting to wade into the process for animating in flash. I figured this was a good start even if it isn’t a wildly impressive animation.