The morning they all slept in

This beautiful moment lasted exactly twelve minutes. Also, I embellished a bit – I haven’t worn a wristwatch since 1994.

Halloween 2015

The last two years we have enjoyed store-bought costumes, as John & James have chosen superheros or transformers. I have to say, the break was good. But this year, I opted out of the October Game, which left a bit of creative free time, and we did a family Star Wars theme. Once I had the […]

Homeschool Outfit or Halloween Costume?

Unburdened by dress codes and undisturbed by peer pressure, homeschooling families can easily lose track of the whole concept of “appropriate attire.” In a world where you must choose your battles, the fight against mismatched socks can feel rather absurd. This Halloween you may want to take a moment before complimenting a costume, as the […]


(click the image to see all three parts!)   To be fair, I did enjoy that meal.

Library Construction Art

  These are some Library/Construction drawings I did for my friend Suzy to celebrate Reading Week while her school library is under construction. If for some reason, you also need some library construction clip art, feel free to use it, or share it for any non-commercial purpose. The Art of Jill Lorraine Turpin is licensed under […]

snacks for the road

So, yeah, this happened last week. I should probably clean out the van. (photoshop & after effects)

Fire Truck Coloring Pages

I made five of the fire trucks from the book into some coloring pages for the boys – feel free to print them out! Check back if you like these – I’m going to do some more soon.   And if you LOVE fire trucks (and why wouldn’t you?) and wish you had your OWN […]


Quick colored pencil drawing for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day!

Fire Truck #37

Here’s a little yellow truck I did last week – ink and watercolor. I can’t seem to get out of fire truck mode after finally finishing My Very Own Fire Truck.

too much information

Idea courtesy of the Bomgardners; transcript of a six minute recording of James while I was trying to drink a cup of coffee. Let’s hope I never actually have to face the all-monster-monster, I wasn’t really paying enough attention to know what to do..


My friend Suzy and I are living nearly the same life, yet our kids have never met. For one brief playdate this week, parallel worlds converged, and an epic game of battleship commenced. (“Epic” for 6 & 7 year-olds means they gave up after 15 min and headed for the trampoline outside.) Suzy and her husband Tim […]