Toxic People Kill Creativity

Lately I’ve been having conversations that all seem to go down the same trail. The effect toxic people have in our life.

The struggle is real to drown out the voices that echo in my head. Often their desire is to help, and the “worst-case-scenario,” the “reality-check” kind of thinking may be meant well, but can quickly send me into a negative spiral that is hard to recover from.

Negativity is the death of creativity. Creativity must be unfettered – it must be free to move to explore in unlikely directions. When you begin to question what someone else is going to think of your ideas, you are limiting what you are capable of. And trying something new is always going to get some negative backlash.

Yesterday I drew a different kind of bug fairy. This one was inspired by a beetle, so she’s got some defensive capability. She’s not going to be easily swiped up by some bird with sharp words that make her question her decision to throw caution to the wind and pursue an art career.

You choose who you let into your life, and especially who you let into your head. Only let the good in.

What do you think?

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