Top Post of 2018 and a Dilemma

Since I’ve been writing more, and adding comics from the archive recently, traffic on my website has been up. Cool, right?

So, without further ado, the most visited post from 2018 is…


Still this guy.

What is that, you say?

Well, if you’re new to the world of Jill, you might not know that I used to blog entirely random creative stuff. This is a post from 2010. 

…a POST FROM 2010…

…is STILL my most popular post. I mean, I’m exhausting myself here with creative growth and semi-quality content. But this knockoff movie craft has developed his own world on Pinterest and is sending people to my website who probably get here and wonder why they are looking at nonsensical art and mom comics when they were really hoping for geeky crafting tips.

So, this brings up an interesting problem I have had over the years.

I put my art out into the world. My growth. Myself. Me. And, yes, that includes some fan art. That includes some things that are trendy. I even had a comic hit the front page of Reddit.


It would be really easy to shift gears and ONLY do that. Only create things that gain approval. In fact, it can be really hard to pour your heart and soul into something that no one seems interested in, only tomorrow to do something that has zero originality, and everyone adores it and shares it on Pinterest forever and ever.

I have also felt weird pressure to define my brand – my online image. So I make sense to people who don’t know me. (But I don’t make sense to people who DO know me…so…)

But let me tell you, folks, I am not making money on anything here. (I do sell some paintings, and my picture book is doing awesome right now…) but the comic? Pretty close to zilch. It’s a labor of love.

So, as I move into 2019, I am going to make a big effort to stop making such a big effort at things that don’t seem to matter. I am going to be more true to myself, and pursue the things I want, random as that may seem.

And I hope you come along. If not, that’s quite alright. I can recommend some good nerd crafting blogs for you.

What do you think?

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