The Never-Ending Quest

I am always overthinking everything. I lose focus because I stop walking and start looking ahead trying to figure out where I’m going. What’s the destination? What’s the point? Then I end up stopping entirely to fully give my attention to the big-picture questions. And…no big surprise, that means I stop accomplishing things. Does that happen to you?

I know I’m always going to be drawn to the “why” and I know it is important to figure it out, but I have to keep moving or the “why” doesn’t matter. I’ve already learned what happens when I stop to figure it out. I can go a whole decade without any creative progress.

So, I’m writing every day. I’m trying to finish a piece of art (at least a sketch) every day. I’m posting here, every day. I’m going to relaunch the comic when (or if) I get the buffer I’m supposed to have to make it work. I’m doing things that don’t make sense to other people simply because they make sense to me. I’m done looking for approval from people who are baffled by my creative choices.

Here’s a fairy I don’t think I’ve posted yet here. I’m loving these because to me they tell a little story, they are a creative exercise (interesting pose + interesting bug = interesting fairy… And I can play with watercolor and ink and finish one in a day if there’s nothing else I can finish.

What do you think?

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