The Fear of Me

I’m working on another little bug fairy, but I opted to do yard work today instead of finishing her. So, here’s something a little different if you’re new to the randomness that is my creative mess.

A long time ago (my files say 2008, but I feel like it was pre-kids, so 2007 maybe?) I did NaSoAlMo – like NaNoWriMo with fewer participants and less publicity. This is “a free annual creative challenge, wherein musicians are challenged to write, record, and release an entire album within the month of November.”

Seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve been going through my endless digital files of random creativity and came across the folder “Chapter Four” (the title of the album.) This is actually my favorite song off the album, because my friend Bill Counts loved the sad child’s accordion I played for it and thinking of his demand for more accordion in future music always makes me smile.


I’m definitely NOT posting all the songs – they’re “meh,” but I do like this one, titled “Fear of Me.” It seems to fit with the theme I’m on this week – all the ways I avoid facing my own issues. And since I’m trying to share something every day, here you go. Sorry for the terrible synth cello. If I had access to a cello during the month I recorded this – I would have certainly tried to learn it enough to make it work. I might actually rework this and re-record it. In all my spare time.

What do you think?

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