Stop Trying to Believe in Yourself (Start Investing Instead)

Yesterday I spent about three hours trying to get ten minutes of video, telling the story of how art changed my life. I still don’t have that video, unfortunately, but in one completely off-script take I made a discovery.

Ten years ago I began to make decisions that have completely transformed my life. My art. Who I am as a person. I went from being ineffective and defeated, aimless and confused, to focused and purpose-driven.

You might imagine that ten years ago, I started to believe in myself. So much belief, that I was able to turn everything around.

But I didn’t. I didn’t believe in myself at all. 

In fact, NOW is the moment that I am finally starting to believe in myself. Ten full years later.

Ten years ago, all I knew was that I had to try. I didn’t know where I was going, and I didn’t really believe I could achieve anything, but I knew I was not okay with a life of never even having tried. So I began to invest time and energy in myself to learn and grow and become something more.

I think the idea that we have to believe in ourselves and our ambitious goals can be defeating. We don’t move, we don’t act, we don’t try, because we are waiting for the motivation, which we think comes from some kind of feeling, deep down, that we are worthy and capable.

If you start moving before you have any of that lined up, if you start investing before you can see what it is worth, I absolutely promise, those things will come. They make take ten years, but you will get to the point you can finally see your own potential.

What do you think?

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