Redefining Success

I was pitching a new story idea to my husband the other night and his response was underwhelming. Which led to a discussion of why I don’t finish things and what success actually looks like for me.

Of course, I absorbed all of this in the most negative way possible and went off to do some soul searching as the big failure I am, and that meant listing all the personal goals I have not met. Down the list I mentally went.

But then a unexpected thing happened – I suddenly realized I have actually met many of the goals on that list. I do finish things now. Lots of things. I can finally say I am an artist who actually makes art. And I was so busy worrying about the things I hadn’t done I never stopped to celebrate my accomplishments.

It isn’t all the “success,” because success is a moving target – always a higher place to climb. For the moment, though, I am going to stop and rest and enjoy the view.

What do you think?

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