No Excuses No Complaints

This is my resolution and my mantra for 2020. No excuses. No complaints.

Sometimes I have this almost out-of-body experience where I am suddenly standing next to myself, hearing myself complain about nothing in particular. I stare at myself amazed, wondering what could possibly be going on in my head. Am I even paying attention to the words coming out of my mouth?

It is more than a habit, though I do it unconsciously. The complaints are often just excuses that keep me from fully accepting responsibility because they make me believe I am not accountable for my lack of progress toward something I have said I want.

But I am in control. What I choose to do or not do is up to me. And if you think you don’t have choices, you are deceiving yourself. You may feel stuck and tempted to complain about your lack of autonomy, but even when you do have control you are not making good choices. You may complain that you don’t have enough free time, but if you spend your available free time scrolling on your phone you have made your decision and you were in full control of that moment in time.

No excuses. No complaints. Try it.


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