Hiding In Plain Sight

I have been putting my art (from terrible to mediocre to not-bad) out into the world for about a decade now. Posting on this blog, sharing a webcomic, social media, all that. I did it to stop hiding. To teach myself to let go. I couldn’t let go of ideas – and I couldn’t move on to new dreams because I was still hanging on to all the unfinished ones. I did that until I started posting work online. Even if no one was reading this blog, putting it out into the world forced me to acknowledge that I had done my best with whatever it was. Set it down. Move on to something new.

But all this time, when I have been sharing my work, I have been doing it for you, not me. Whoever you are – even if no one is paying attention – I think about what each thing says about me as an artist. A person. I am doing it so I can make sense to you. THIS is the kind of artist I am. THIS is what I’m doing with my life.

The truth is, I have no idea what kind of artist I am. I’m figuring that out. I’m all over the place. I draw, I paint, I do comics, I sculpt, I tell stories, I write music and songs and poetry, all the things. I worry that if I put out there all that I am, in all my bizarre, random creativity – I’ll look like a nut.

So, showing work that “make sense” makes me feel brave. It makes other people think I’m successful. But I’m still hiding. I’m still insecure. Because being truly authentic is terrifying.

What do you think?

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