Feeding Our Creative Souls

I took the concept of Tribes to heart. So I started to lead one.

And it is everything to me. I have found like-minded people, who haven’t yet found the right place to belong. Others who are looking for some kind of affirmation that it is okay to want what they want – a chance to have another chance.

We’re not young. We’re in our 40s or our 50s or our 60s and many of us have made bad decisions that pulled us away from the creativity that once fed our souls. Or life just led us down another path. We’ve lived. We’ve raised kids. We’ve handled bills and health crises and breakups and loss. We now have a wealth of wisdom and the tools to accomplish nearly anything. We have no regrets. We have perspective.

But we have never tried to accomplish much for ourselves. We gave to others. We helped. We healed. We prioritized other’s priorities.

And now, we are looking to ourselves. Reinventing ourselves. Remaking ourselves. Taking everything we are and everything we have and pouring it all into our own dreams. Believing it isn’t to late to start over.

This is my tribe.

What do you think?

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