Creative Mindfulness

‘The Feeder’ – 2012, (mixed media & digital)

So, my new effort to get up at 5am every morning was totally ruined last week by a house full of sick people. (Of which I was one.) Actually, I’m still a little unwell, but since I was up at 3:30 snuggling with a four-year-old who was having a coughing fit, here I am, awake at 5 again!

On my mind this morning is the subject of mindfulness – another habit I have long believed was out of reach. Mindfulness is being fully present in each moment. Experiencing complete awareness of what is happening to you, around you, and inside you.

Mindfulness is hard for me, because I am creative. Creative people tend to be daydreamers. Daydreamers are very not mindful. But creating can also be hard for me sometimes, because I am not mindful.

Creativity doesn’t spring from a void. It comes from noticing things around you. Really noticing. Noticing first, and then letting the wonder start to seep in. If you live in your imagination, you can only work with what is already in your head. To grow your creativity, you have to expand your perception of the world around you. You capture all these little things, ideas that can turn into something new when you take them out and use them. To do that, you have to be mindful.

I find myself perpetually distracted. I am never doing and experiencing something at the same time. My thoughts are very fragmented. I might be doing the dishes, but I am thinking about a story. I might be working on a story, but I’m thinking about how the dishes need to be done. I’m trying to rein all that in and learn to be at least conscious of when it is good to let my mind wander and when it is good to be fully in the moment.

(It is probably worthwhile to note that while writing this post I looked up three things on google, adjusted my WordPress “publicize” settings and did a search for something on ifttt… So, yes, I have a lot of work to do in this area.)

Do you have any “mindful” tips to share?


  1. Mary Dawn Pafford
    Dec 3, 2018

    Focusing is hard to maintain. I give myself little breaks when doing art, to check in and wander in the real world.

    1. Jill
      Dec 4, 2018

      It really is. And I have a bad habit of not setting aside technology. I need to have more of a break between work and art.

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