Holiday Plans


Happy Holidays everyone! I’m creating a new category for my website – Comic > 2017 – which means next year I will be hitting the seven year mark for the comic! Also big news, I’ve launched the comic on both Webtoons and Tapastic so if you use either of those, or love webcomics and want to discover new ones, please subscribe and give me some likes!

I’ll be posting some highlights and revisited favorites on those platforms so I can maintain regular posting in 2017 and build an audience. If you’ve got any favorites from the terrible archives, let me know and I’ll add it to the list. Look for the start of regular updates January 10th! Thanks for all your support!

Christmas Game


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Jill is baking some cookies when she hears yelling from the other room.

John: I’m going to kill your sheep.

James: I don’t care. I have lots of sheep.

John: My camel is going to stomp all over your shepherd.

James: You can’t move there. No! Fine. My Wiseman is going to capture Mary anyway.

John: Wisemen can only move diagonally!

James: I’m going to tell baby Jesus you’re cheating!

(John and James are playing chess with two nativity sets…)


Unpacking the Ornaments



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Jill: (holding up ornaments) My favorite thing about Christmas is unpacking the ornaments. Every ornament has a story. This one decorated your grandparent’s first Christmas tree. This one came from around the world.

James: What about this one?

Jill: That was given to me by a friend. I don’t remember which one.

James: This one?

Jill: I think I found that one at a yard sale. What is that? I’ve never seen that before!

(John and James both hold up ornaments.)

Just put them on the tree.


The Hunter


I realized the moment I crossed over, from just your average mom to a true superhero, when I went crawling under my child’s bed looking for what was potentially a brown recluse spider. I’ve gone from cowering at the sight of a tiny spider crawling across the counter to a force to be reckoned with casually trapping huge, hairy spiders under a glass and tossing them outside like ladybugs. Motherhood is awesome.

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They say parenthood changes you.

You’ll understand the moment you do more than just face your fears. You hunt them down and destroy them.

(There’s a spider at the edge of this frame.)

Jill is standing with a bandanna tied around her forehead, a shoe in one hand, a flyswatter in the other, and a spray can of bug killer tied around her waist. James is peeking from behind her and pointing.

James: It’s under the bed. Right there!


Autumn In The South


I love the spicy scent of fall in the air, when the leaves start to turn and we look toward the holidays fast approaching. Of course, here in Tennessee, it was 90 degrees last weekend, so that puts a serious damper on my autumn mood. I try to make the best of it.

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Jill is sitting outside the house in front of a campfire all bundled up. Phillip is standing behind her in a t-shirt.

Phillip: What are you doing out here?

Jill: I’m celebrating the start of AUTUMN! Pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, campfires and warm scarves. Perfect with a chill in the air?

Phillip: Is that an air conditioner?”

(Jill has an air conditioning unit plugged in next to her with a long extension cord.)


Flying With Kids


We recently went on our first plane ride with three kids to Phoenix – and experience I was really dreading. I over-prepare for travel when I’m alone. The effort of trying to figure out every possibility for five people is overwhelming.

I’m not sure why, but I used a pencil brush for the lines this time, and I kind of like it. Also, the question of chat bubbles is apparently not settled in my mind. This one needed them. So, there they are.

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A plane takes off from the airport. Jill, Phillip and the kids are restless in their seats. James is pulling John’s hair and john is getting ready to punch James. Madeline, the baby girl is screaming at the top of her lungs. Jill is frantic.

Jill: I’ve used up every bribe – snacks, books, dvds, candy, video games, new toys… all my options are gone! I can’t make them happy!! What do I do?!

Phillip: It’s only a three hour flight.

Phillip: And we haven’t boarded the plane yet.

The seats the family is in are shown to be at the gate of the airport.


First Day of Homeschool


The first day of our eclectic homeschooling (though we learn all year) might involve some sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon maple syrup. We might watch world events like the Rio Olympics and explore new places. We might read some books, play with science or technology, dig around in our yard or binge-watch documentaries on a new subject we want to understand. Or none of those things because spending the morning piled together in the bed talking about hopes and ideas and dreams and life suddenly seems way more important. Not a life for everyone, but it suits us just fine.

Bad Yogurt

Life with an artist:


In my defense, if you don’t put it in the fridge it doesn’t keep very long.

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Phillip: I think the yogurt is bad. My smoothie tasted terrible.

Jill: We’re out of yogurt. That was papier mache paste.