Video Game Ban

“Screen time” bans are a popular consequence these days, and we do it too. But sometimes I wonder – who really gets punished?

I realize I am putting these up in no particular order – which may mean I’m saving the worst for last. Well, something to look forward to.

(Still adding to the archive – from 2017.)

Another Growth Spurt

I did this one in 2017, and it’s amazing how much he’s grown since then. I wish I could hold a moment so I could go back to it whenever I like, but this comic will have to do.


(Still adding to the archive – from 2017.)

Happy Holidays

This particular comic shows how sloppy I can get when the holidays hit and I’m super-busy. I guess it’s the sentiment that counts…

Hope you have a happy holiday season and I’ll be back to drawing comics in the new year!


(Still adding to the archive – from 2017.)