This is the story of how I came to finally consider myself an artist after so many years, and how I was helped by comic art (and my kids). It is a a glimpse into the life of an artist trying to believe in the value of her own work. With full-color comic pages that span seven years of progress, honest reflections of the struggles of confidence and growth, and inspiration for aspiring artists or moms trying to fit it all in and still have time for themselves. Available on Amazon in paperback & kindle format.






An Amazon Bestseller! This is not your ordinary Fire Truck book! We know what little kids really love about fire trucks – they love the noise, the lights, the fancy equipment! They don’t just admire fire trucks, they WANT a fire truck. But what would happen if they got one? My Very Own Fire Truck tells a simple story of the children in one small town who each get their own fire truck to drive around. What could go wrong? This is a full-color picture book with thirty-two unique vehicles, inspired by job specific fire engines, past and present, to inspire and inform, along with a creative story to entertain young readers. Available on Kindle Unlimited as well as paperback.