Weekend Sketch Dump – March 3, 2013

I have had a great many art lessons in my life (shocking, I know!), but I still remember one of the first. When I was seven or eight my father, a fine arts major himself, sat me down and tried to teach me how to draw faces in a structurally correct way. I think I remember the whole lesson – my shock at discovering where the eyes really were placed on the head was life-changing. Realizing the level to which your brain interprets what you see incorrectly was unsettling, even then.

I have had many lessons since then, and my study of the human head in particular has gone far more in-depth, and yet, I still struggle to draw faces. I can draw fairly structurally correct people, but there is a spark – something that eludes me – that is required to not only make that sketch look like it is a real person, living on the page, but also that it is indeed the very person you are trying to draw.

So, practicepractice, these are some people I have seen around me – when the people I see sit still enough.

What do you think?

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