The October Game

So, now that my first query for my very first finished picture book is sent, I’m leaving behind the world of shiny fire trucks and moving on to some new things. Rocket ships?

One of the things I’m going to be doing over the next few weeks is getting ready to play The October Game. What is The October Game, you ask? No, not the Bradbury story.  Although, I think the title came from that. Wait. Let me start over and tell you about my friend, Bill.

I met Bill Counts through the theater, and he was one of those rare people you meet of whom you ask “Why doesn’t anyone know about this guy? Why is he on such a small stage?” He had flawless comic timing. Then I found out he was an artist. And a very good one. He started doing this project, “The October Game”, where he did a piece of art a day (often paintings), every day through the month of October. You can head over to his site if you want to see them, or if you live in the Tri-Cities area, Dick Nelson is going to be showing his work next month.

Bill passed away earlier this year, and the truth is, although I’ve known him for a long time, he was one of those people that I always assumed I would have the opportunity to get to know better. He was the most interesting person at the party, and fortunately for me, he always wanted to hide out in the kitchen where I was fixing the snacks. He was supportive of my efforts – with the theater or my band or my paltry attempts at artwork. He was so humble about his own immense talent, and so encouraging of mine. I miss him.

So, anyway, this year I’m going to play The October Game in his honor. And because let’s face it.  I need the practice.

Let the Game Begin.

What do you think?

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