Random Friday

Today I’m working on a robot cake for my boys combined birthday party tomorrow (3 & 5 years old!). It may not be as awesome as the one my friend Suzy put together (which I rediscovered while browsing Pinterest for ideas…), but at least I think I can pull off an awesome cake. I’m not much of a planner, but I did draw a sketch of a basic robot shape so you can see what I’m going for:

While I’m baking cakes and smashing rice krispies treats, I’ve also been listening to a great lecture by comic artist Dave Kellet – discussing the business and future of web comics.

And, to go with the Random Friday theme, I wanted to mention that after listening to the latest Webcomic Alliance podcast I am finally aware of how all the changes to Facebook affect my fan page. Basically, if you have “liked” me, you only get to see SOME of my posts, unless I pay for promoting my posts. So, if you like a comic or post, please share! I may start tweeting posts as well, which I don’t often do, but I’m exploring other options for helping people stay updated – in the meantime, I’d love to hear how you stay current with the content you want online.


What do you think?

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