October Game 2013 Wrap-up


So October has come and gone, and the Bill Counts October Game is done. I only missed one day because of the stomach bug, and only because I completely forgot there was such a thing as an October painting challenge and went to bed at 8:30. We had fewer active participants this year, but there was some truly beautiful artwork created, and it was again a wonderful experience to play the game with other artists. As with last year, I came out of the challenge with some new friendships and a feeling of real accomplishment.

This year my goal was to do all physical art (as opposed to digital as I did last year), so I did 30 paintings. I did mostly watercolor, and found it much easier and enjoyable than I remembered. I even worked in a few oil paintings which were slightly less frustrating than my experience last year.

For me, however, the challenge is less in the actual art development – my skills grew a little bit, possibly- but more in sorting out priorities. This is a ridiculous challenge. Start and finish a complete work of art every day for a month. At least, it seems like it should be ridiculous. Like my whole life should be turned on end. But this is the third year I’ve done it – and really it wasn’t. My house wasn’t any messier or dirtier than normal. My kids were still fed. We still managed the usual home school activities. I got a typical amount of sleep. Challenges like this just show you how easy it really is to shift things around to make room for what is important.

Tomorrow, the comic is back on it’s usual schedule (updates Tuesday and Thursday). Wednesday I’ll be announcing my NEXT challenge. Stay tuned.


In yet another iteration of my website philosophy I am condensing the October Game art into a single gallery. Here ya go:


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