monopoly cake

Going nicely with the current theme of food you can play with, my nephew Lief wanted a Monopoly cake for his 11th birthday.

The Monopoly Game Pieces are made from modeling chocolate painted with silver luster dust, and the cards are colored white chocolate. My sister, Becki, and I both worked on the painting and piping which is royal icing. Detail was tough since the cake was only a 13″ square, and we were doing this last minute as always, but hopefully we captured the general feeling of it!

Of course we had to actually play with it, so I got out the dice and made the kids roll for their cake pieces. They got to choose their starting point, then roll to move their piece along the board. Lief actually scored Boardwalk and Park Place.

There was an intense debate regarding the original Chance and Community Chest cards. I maintained they were printed only on one side, and everyone else disagreed. I won because we ran out of time.

What do you think?

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