birthday robot

Saturday we had a birthday party for the boys – after tempting them with an afternoon of Pinterest browsing, they agreed to let me do a robot party.

Although I don’t do tutorials, at the request of my friend Sarah (who also makes awesome cakes) I did try to take more photos of the process. So, here’s the basic structure for the robot. Flanges screwed into wood – with a couple of holes drilled in for the copper wire. The way I accomplish this sort of structure is to make a trip to the hardware store, tell the helpful associates I do NOT want them to help me, and then wander around in plumbing until I get things to fit together and work.  I don’t glue any of the pvc – it usually fits tight enough to hold for this purpose.

Rice Krispies for the arms and legs. One of the legs is built around the pipe, the other doesn’t need to be supported. Cake for the feet.

This year I tried something new – store bought fondant. Most fondant you buy is gross, but this time I had several tubs of colored Satin Ice (thank you, Karen!) It tastes about like the grocery store colored icing in tubes (which isn’t a terrible flavor), comes is bright colors and is very easy to work with. My fondant never ends up perfect – but I think it works fine for the robot – he just looks a little distressed. The parts (eyes, plates, gears and screws) are gum paste, painted with Metallic Food Paint – which I used with a brush since I don’t have an airbrush.

That’s about it. For some awesome robot party ideas, check out Suzy’s blog, and if you do a version of this, and a better tutorial, let me know and I’ll link to it!


  1. Anonymous
    Mar 18, 2013

    Move down here and we’ll do it!

  2. Suzy
    Mar 18, 2013

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