Random Friday

Today I’m working on a robot cake for my boys combined birthday party tomorrow (3 & 5 years old!). It...


Weekend Sketch Dump – March 3, 2013

I have had a great many art lessons in my life (shocking, I know!), but I still remember one of...


My three best habits

When I started this site, and the comic, and my journey to be a better artist, I was already somewhat...


Betty Furness is ready

Guess what I’m finally going to be trying this week? More to come. Help me by sharing!


Weekend Sketch Dump

I’m always sketching these days, and I’m going to try to start uploading some of what I’m working on every...


Keara the Mischievous Angel

This is one I started that didn’t make it into the October Game this year, inspired by a poem from...

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

The comic is taking the holidays off – be back in January with the regular schedule. Don’t forget to subscribe...

belly dancer 3 thumb

More Tribal Belly Dancers

So, after a short recovery from the October Game, and a busy couple of weeks traveling and having company I...

Today was another busy/off day, but I did carve a pumpkin. When done well, pumpkin carving is definitely art. This, not so much. But I’m counting it.

October Game – 2012

Help me by sharing!

Bunny Costumes

Let’s Start October!

I thought I’d kick off The October Game today by dragging out an old photo of my sister and I...

October 7

Getting Ready for the Game

Starting next Monday I’m going to be playing Bill Counts’s October Game. One piece of finished artwork a day for...

Almost October

Almost October

Was that a chill in the air I felt last night? Is it almost October again? Time for the October...

old woman thumb

Sketch: Old Woman

Another attempt at a character for my graphic novel idea. Help me by sharing!


Happy Anniversary!

Two years ago today I put my first comic up on the personal blog I was using to keep friends...

prisons thumb

Painting Practice: Prisons

As I mentioned before, I have been having lots of fun painting imaginary environments in Photoshop. I’ve been playing around...

hula girl thumb

Sketch: Hula Girl

Last week Phillip and I watched Princess Kaiulani, the story of the last princess of Hawaii. I was more impressed...

Confession #2

Confession #2

I am not this artist: Sarah Mensinga That probably sounds like a silly confession, but it is important for this...

domestic gnomes

Sketch: Domestic Gnomes

In preparation for homeschooling my two boys, I’ve been studying different methods of education. I’ve recently been drawn to the...

Confession #1

Confession #1

I think one of the things that holds us back from growth is a failure to notice the ideas and...

mommy rescue

happy birthday to me!

Last week was my birthday, so I made some pieces out of modeling chocolate for the kids to decorate the...