10 years

Post 1 of 3 in a row this week – check back tomorrow.

Merry Christmas!

  It’s Christmas. Embrace it.

World’s Cleanest Heros

  So John and James are now Avengers obsessed and they recently got some action figures. For the very first...

secret hideout

  I have.

photo shoot


  Yes. He did.


baby cute

  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. On a side note, I decided to give up the square...

unexpected treat

  Some clues to where I’ve been lately – and why there may currently be an ice cream shortage in...

southern snow day

We take what we can get.

balance bike

Just to show I am still working on something, here’s an animated gif I made today in-between visiting the doctor...

mystery marks


mommy robot

clean laundry


one big eye

snack time


big plans

pool maintenance