Baby Mad


When you smile at a baby or toddler, you expect a smile back. It’s universal. People everywhere make weird faces at babies to get rewarded by the drop of pure sunshine that is a baby’s smile. This is the face our baby makes at people. For nearly any reason. We’re sorry.

Dressed Up


I realized recently that I am an “ambivert” – someone who exhibits characteristics of both an extrovert and an introvert, which would explain why I sometimes score one and then sometimes the other on highly scientific Facebook tests. I’m rarely intimidated in social situations, and I don’t mind being the center of attention, but I’m usually at the perimeter of gatherings, keeping quietly to myself, because I just don’t enjoy the environment of a crowd. I could probably go a whole month in my house if someone would drop groceries at the door, so, when I’m in that phase, I need convincing.

I really wanted to color this panel, but I resisted, and I’m happy with the choice. I have an all-super-hero birthday party to get ready for this weekend.

Spring Cleaning


True story. There’s more than one way to accomplish spring cleaning, and finding a spider is a great way to get me to delve into every crack and crevice, layering bug spray and removing potential and unexpected hiding places like toilet paper rolls and dirty socks.

On a side note, I’m testing out how I feel about posting this new, um, unfinished “style” with some of the comics. Yeah, let’s call it a style. Really, I had a long list of comic ideas and several started, but I wasn’t feeling any of them. So, this was a very last-minute thought. And Baby Cute has been waking up around 4am (or 3!) and not really getting back to sleep, so I’m a bit past the point of rational decision-making. But, anyway, I hate coloring the comic and I’m trying to prioritize my time better. Do I really want to spend an hour inking and another two or three coloring when I only have six hours to draw this week? Maybe sometimes. We’ll see.

Also, I’m going to try to start posting more commentary. But hopefully not this much. It’s late, I’m tired, and I think I’m getting sick.

Lessons to Learn



Mom Fuel


Coffee explains everything.

Homeschool Outfit or Halloween Costume?


Unburdened by dress codes and undisturbed by peer pressure, homeschooling families can easily lose track of the whole concept of “appropriate attire.” In a world where you must choose your battles, the fight against mismatched socks can feel rather absurd.

This Halloween you may want to take a moment before complimenting a costume, as the child may not actually be wearing one. My child, for example, can not be seen not wearing his hand-painted arc reactor shirt in any situation because it is apparently part of his identity. Please just “go with it” and don’t ask how it gets washed.