The Treehouse

Fortunately, my children have my sense of imagination.

The morning they all slept in

This beautiful moment lasted exactly twelve minutes. Also, I embellished a bit – I haven’t worn a wristwatch since 1994.

Only the Dark

Cleaning Up

Homeschool Outfit or Halloween Costume?

Unburdened by dress codes and undisturbed by peer pressure, homeschooling families can easily lose track of the whole concept of...

Generation Gap


(click the image to see all three parts!)   To be fair, I did enjoy that meal.

Yard Work


snacks for the road

So, yeah, this happened last week. I should probably clean out the van. (photoshop & after effects)

Banished Brothers

  They can fight about really anything at all.

2 O’Clock Diaper Change

This is what I do on my phone while waiting for the baby to fall asleep.

Science Is Everywhere

I may have counted this as our “homeschool science lesson” of the day.

too much information

Idea courtesy of the Bomgardners; transcript of a six minute recording of James while I was trying to drink a cup...


My friend Suzy and I are living nearly the same life, yet our kids have never met. For one brief...

Always Be There For You

So, you know how some people can’t pee if they are in a public restroom? I’m not sure I remember...

Homeschool Science

And we did. It was awesome. So, um, baby cute is eight months old tomorrow, which means I’m a little...

Another Southern Snow Day

This was one January day last week. It started with “Hey, kids – bundle up, its really cold and there’s...



Anniversary Gifts

Apparently that is complete chaos and a cup of coffee.

anniversary perspectives