Homeschool Outfit or Halloween Costume?


Unburdened by dress codes and undisturbed by peer pressure, homeschooling families can easily lose track of the whole concept of “appropriate attire.” In a world where you must choose your battles, the fight against mismatched socks can feel rather absurd.

This Halloween you may want to take a moment before complimenting a costume, as the child may not actually be wearing one. My child, for example, can not be seen not wearing his hand-painted arc reactor shirt in any situation because it is apparently part of his identity. Please just “go with it” and don’t ask how it gets washed.

Science Is Everywhere


I may have counted this as our “homeschool science lesson” of the day.

too much information


Idea courtesy of the Bomgardners; transcript of a six minute recording of James while I was trying to drink a cup of coffee. Let’s hope I never actually have to face the all-monster-monster, I wasn’t really paying enough attention to know what to do..



My friend Suzy and I are living nearly the same life, yet our kids have never met. For one brief playdate this week, parallel worlds converged, and an epic game of battleship commenced. (“Epic” for 6 & 7 year-olds means they gave up after 15 min and headed for the trampoline outside.)

Suzy and her husband Tim are two of my favorite people in the world. Besides being creative and talented and fun, from the very beginning of my posting art and comics they have been there, engaged and encouraging. I’m not exaggerating when I say that without them, I very likely would have stopped. The internet can be a very lonely place

It is difficult to continue with a “hobby” that take so much time and energy while everyone (including yourself) expects validation. Are you ever going to make money from it? Where are you really going with it? What exactly is the point?  Seriously, if you have creative people in your life, a very little bit of support goes a long way.


Always Be There For You


So, you know how some people can’t pee if they are in a public restroom? I’m not sure I remember how to do anything at all without an audience.




Homeschool Science


And we did. It was awesome.

So, um, baby cute is eight months old tomorrow, which means I’m a little behind with the comic.  I have been working very hard on a few projects, one of which is going to be completed soon. I’m planning to release my first (and thus far, only) children’s book as a pdf, free to download. It’s a project that actually predates the comic, and I’ve decided to share it basically as-is. So, follow me somewhere for updates.