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Bad Yogurt

Life with an artist: In my defense, if you don’t put it in the fridge it doesn’t keep very long.


It’s Colour Collective Friday again! Here’s Pompeian Red, with a little inspirational help from Sketch Dailies. (How did I art...


New Colour Collective piece in velvet clover.

Just Tall Enough

Buried Treasure

Another Colour Collective piece, for Light Yellow Glaze. I’ve had some people tell me they want to know the stories...


This week’s Colour Collective features Scheveningen Violet, which of course I totally knew was a color before I started. This is,...

Baby Mad

When you smile at a baby or toddler, you expect a smile back. It’s universal. People everywhere make weird faces at...

Beach Freedom

Beach Freedom

Curly hair has it’s own innate wisdom, and should you need to deal with it, it’s best to just go...

Sinking Lighthouse

This week’s colour collective is Limpet Shell, and after missing several lovely colors because I’ve been too busy, I didn’t...

Supermom Moment – Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese sandwiches are my perfect comfort food. It’s what my mom made when we were sick, or home from...

Getting the Kids Ready

Superhero City Party

James just turned six and John will soon be eight so I made an all-super-hero super city cake to celebrate!...

Dressed Up

I realized recently that I am an “ambivert” – someone who exhibits characteristics of both an extrovert and an introvert, which would...

Dragons and Fairies

I’ve started participating in Colour Collective again, one of the loveliest artist communities out there, organized on twitter. Each week...

Spring Cleaning

True story. There’s more than one way to accomplish spring cleaning, and finding a spider is a great way to...

Pirates Are Extinct

Word for word. Might need to brush up on a few concepts.

Lessons to Learn


Mom Fuel

Coffee explains everything.

The Treehouse

Fortunately, my children have my sense of imagination.

The morning they all slept in

This beautiful moment lasted exactly twelve minutes. Also, I embellished a bit – I haven’t worn a wristwatch since 1994.