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anna with glasses

Meet Anna!

    I’m getting some help! Anna Buchneva is coming on board as my assistant, she will be learning to...


I’m Finally Putting Together a Collection!

  For years I’ve had people ask me to put my comics in a book, but I couldn’t figure out...

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Comic Updates

  I’ve made the decision to only post updates on Webtoons and Tapastic from now on, so if you’re looking...


Toys in Bed

I’ve been so focused on posting regularly on Webtoons that I’m forgetting to update the comic here on the site. So...


Working from Home

First comic of 2017! And a real statement on my goal-setting for the year. This year I’m trying to be...


Holiday Plans

Happy Holidays everyone! I’m creating a new category for my website – Comic > 2017 – which means next year...

Merry Christmas Gif

Merry Christmas Gif

I made a little looping gif for Colour Collective with some snowflakes I drew. Snowflakes done in Photoshop, animation in...


Christmas Game

Help me by sharing!


Reaching the Star

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Unpacking the Ornaments

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Halloween Relocation

Getting into the Halloween Spirit. Help me by sharing!


The Hunter

I realized the moment I crossed over, from just your average mom to a true superhero, when I went crawling...

Autumn In The South

Autumn In The South

I love the spicy scent of fall in the air, when the leaves start to turn and we look toward...


Flying With Kids

We recently went on our first plane ride with three kids to Phoenix – and experience I was really dreading....


First Day of Homeschool

The first day of our eclectic homeschooling (though we learn all year) might involve some sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon...


Ocean Diver

  Sketchy colour collective piece this week in shades of cadet blue. I might finish this someday because I rather...


More fun in the pool

Quick colour collective piece in pink. Inspired by a fun playdate where all the kids ended up splashing in the...



  I don’t often do fan art, but in my house right now there’s an ongoing battle between two shows...


Apple Tree Farm

A page from a book I’m currently working on illustrating. I’ve actually been toiling over this project for a couple of years,...


Bad Yogurt

Life with an artist: In my defense, if you don’t put it in the fridge it doesn’t keep very long....